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Ambienta is a leading European private equity fund operating out of Milan, Düsseldorf and London, focused  on  industrial  growth  investing  in  companies  driven  by  environmental  trends. With funds under management of over €1 billion, the world’s largest capital pool for this strategy, Ambienta invests in businesses that offer products or services well suited to control pollution or increase resource efficiency.

At Ambienta, we strongly believe environmentally friendly products, services and production methods are of paramount importance for a healthy environment and a sustainable society in view of limited global natural resources like oil, wood, water, metals and agricultural products as well as increasing emissions like CO2 driven by growing industrial production and mass consumption society.
Inspired by the multifaceted environmental trends and technologies that have been developed or invented and that will change many industry segments, Ambienta supports niche leading European businesses to develop into sustainable industry champions, expanding into growing international markets where environmentally friendly solutions make a difference in the quality of life.

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