About us

Ambienta is a leading European private equity fund operating out of Milan, Düsseldorf and London, focused on industrial growth investing in companies driven by environmental trends.

With funds under management of over €1 billion, the world’s largest capital pool for this strategy, Ambienta has invested in more than 20 companies in the area of resource efficiency and pollution control. We contribute actively to the development of our portfolio companies, offering industrial and managerial expertise and global connectivity.

Our world is characterized by ever-growing population and wealth driving industrial production across sectors and countries. Natural resources like oil, wood, water metals and produces are not unlimited and growing demand put the earth´s capacity under great stress. Moreover, continuous growth of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases within the next decades threat dangerous climate change driven consequences. Thus, we at Ambienta, are firmly convinced that environmentally friendly products, services and production methods are of paramount importance for a healthy environment and a sustainable society.
Europe is typified by a relative scarcity of natural resources, a strong industrial base and high population density. Out of need, Europe has therefore led the world in the development of environmental solutions, developed by businesses whose products and services are now in global demand.
Ambienta has been built on this opportunity supporting niche leading European businesses to develop into sustainable industry champions, expanding into large and growing international end-markets where environmentally friendly solutions make a difference to the quality of life.
Based on this thesis, we invest in medium-sized businesses across Europe and different industry sectors that are driven by indisputable long-term environmental trends for the benefit of our companies, their employees, our investors, our global society today, and future generations in balance with a healthy and sustainable environment.

Environmental Businesses
Ambienta is the leading investor in businesses which foster resource efficiency or pollution control.

There are indisputable long-term drivers that are pervasive across many different sectors and industries that create an “environmental theme” which we estimate is worth well in excess of $2tn globally:

Resource efficiency relates to the better usage of natural, manmade, scarce resources. This can be achieved by controlling, diminishing, monitoring or substituting those resources.

Pollution control relates to the reduction of the negative impact of human activity. This can be achieved by managing waste, by reducing quantities of pollutants and emissions, and promoting better alternatives.

We seek businesses that tackle these issues through products, services or manufacturing technologies, either directly or as an enabler, i.e. by offering a product or a service that enables others to accomplish resource efficiency or pollution control. This is a wide concept that applies to many industries.

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Ambienta supports niche leaders headquartered in Europe to become global champions in their respective market segments.

As such, Ambienta has a European and international footprint with offices in Milan, Düsseldorf and London as well as its international advisory board and its extensive global relationships across different geographies and industrial sectors. Out of our 3 offices we evaluate investment opportunities throughout Europe with the following primary coverage:

Milan: Italy, France, Spain
Düsseldorf: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Central Europe
London: UK, Ireland and Nordics

Our international advisory board is made of high caliber professionals with different backgrounds, living and rooted in the worlds’ crossroads. Moreover, the international footprint of our portfolio companies spreads to more than 100 countries globally. This proprietary global network is at daily work to support our businesses in expanding and optimizing their operations internationally.

Independent and established
Ambienta is an independent partner-owned and managed investment firm.

Ambienta has been established in 2007 and since then is controlled and owned by its partners and managed as an independent investment firm. The interests of Ambienta´s partners, its investment professionals as well as its LP investors and co-shareholders in portfolio companies are fully aligned as the Ambienta executives personally invest alongside its business partners.

Our > 15 investment professionals across 3 offices provide a strong backbone to investment execution and support of portfolio management teams. Senior professionals at Ambienta have relevant industry experience in larger corporates and medium-sized businesses and hence contribute a truly industrial perspective. This complementary blend of industrial, engineering, consulting and private equity experience with support of systematic knowledge management and deep sector expertise makes us a valued sparring partner in the operational and financial development of medium-sized companies.

Creating sustainable growth
We support our portfolio companies to become international champions.

Our investment approach is built on the creation of sustainable growth whilst at the same time complying with highest ESG standards.

We foster entrepreneurial growth through i) international expansion, ii) new product development and innovation, iii) refined sales and marketing strategies as well as iv) investment in sales and distribution resources and v) accretive add-on acquisitions.

Ambienta has the proven ability to liaise with entrepreneurial companies and brings institutional capabilities to the reach of medium-sized businesses. We empower incumbent management teams and our operating partners can help improving operational processes and systems as well as governance and reporting solutions where needed.

As a reliable, competent and target-oriented partner, we strive to make a meaningful contribution throughout the journey of developing good or great businesses towards even stronger ones in good times and through challenges.

A strong base of blue chip international and institutional investors.

Ambienta’s total assets under management are in excess of €1 billion dedicated to investments in European environmental businesses. We invest on behalf of a diversified group of international blue chip institutional investors as well as family offices. Investors comprise leading institutions from around the world, including pension funds, insurance companies, funds of funds and family offices in Europe and the United States.

– latest fund

7% Families officies

93% Institutions

– lastest fund

49% Italy

51% Foreign Countries


15% USA
12% UK
9% Benelux
5% Nordics
1% Australia
Why partnering with Ambienta
Ambienta supports leading environmental businesses develop into industry champions.

Ambienta actively supports leading environmental businesses develop into industry champions through business professionalization, operational enhancement, and expansion into large and growing international end-markets. With a large pool of capital dedicated to this strategy, a senior international team and global connectivity, we provide a unique platform to partner with for dynamic, fast-growing businesses.

Ambienta agrees with management on where future growth opportunities can be found and realized. As an investor that invests throughout Europe and with its network of senior industrial advisors, Ambienta actively supports business with international growth strategies.
We act in close and constructive co-operation with co-shareholders and managers. Whilst we provide advice and expertise as non-executive members of the board or supervisory board, we do not engage in the daily operations of our portfolio companies.

As an independent, partner-owned firm, Ambienta can guarantee speed of analysis and swift execution of investment. Sellers will liaise with decision-makers who will always be able to speak on behalf of the firm.
Even as sellers, we believe current owners will want to give their Company a prosperous and sustainable future under its new shareholders.

Ambienta is a growth investor, and as such focused on generating value in its investments through healthy growth in revenues and profitability.
We balance solid returns with investment in sound businesses that will generate positive social and environmental outcomes well beyond any financial metric. As such Ambienta, its investee companies and its LP investors make a meaningful contribution to a cleaner, healthier and sustainable environment. Economic growth and sustainability will be part of the same successful journey.

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