Envirogen Group


Water treatment and filtration


uk, italy, usa


2011 (divested in 2015)

Environmental thesis
Filtration and water treatment address the crucial issue of water conservation, which is a growing worldwide concern with both economic and social implications. Envirogen’s systems and services treat and remove a vast range of dangerous contaminants in lakes, rivers and groundwater like perchlorate and selenium. The offer encompasses also cutting-edge filtration solutions for industrial wastewater and processes in a variety of industries like breweries and soft drinks that enable the reduction of water consumption in the processes.

Envirogen Group is a leading mid-sized international provider of environmental technology and process solutions for the treatment of water, wastewater, vapour emissions and material recovery, with operations across Europe and North America.
At the heart of Envirogen’s proposition sits a core suite of patented and proprietary technologies and process know-how that addresses a comprehensive range of applications across the full life-cycle of water within focused verticals including Food and Beverage, Chemicals, Refining, and Mining. Envirogen sells its services to a range of blue-chip customers like Heineken, Basf and Exxon Mobil, to name a few.
Ambienta purchased 28% of the company in October 2011 and divested in October 2015.