Image S


Machine vision distribution





Environmental thesis
Machine vision systems are strong drivers of resource efficiency improvements through numerous production processes and vertical markets, thereby delivering substantial environmental benefits. These systems determine for a wide range of industrial applications, as for instance waste sorting and print inspection systems, increased production yields, reduced production scraps (waste) and, therefore, improved resource efficiency and pollution control.

Image S, based in Mariano Comense (Italy), is the Italian leader and second player in Europe in the distribution of machine vision and imaging products. Image S offers a complete product portfolio encompassing over 30,000 SKUs from 45 vendors, acting as a center of excellence and one-stop-shop for machine vision applications. Its customers are Italian leaders in their specific market segments, generally characterized by high share of export revenues. The company, which realizes annual sales of about €30m, features strong financials, with double-digit growth rates, healthy margins and steady cash conversion. Image S is the first investment of Next Imaging, a buy-and-build project backed by Ambienta aimed at creating an international platform of imaging distributors.