Lakesight Technologies


Machine vision solutions


italy, germany


2012 (divested in 2018)

Environmental thesis
Vision systems for industrial automation promote resource efficiency in industrial processes because enable identification of defective products early on in the production process, reduce unnecessary processing and, therefore, increase energy efficiency and reduce waste of materials (less scrap).
The automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras supplied by Lakesight Technologies are a key enabler of pollution control in intelligent traffic systems used in mobility applications. On highways, speed control solutions promote reduction of the average speed of vehicles, thereby increasing safety and reducing fuel consumption and emissions. In city centers, congestion charge areas reduce urban traffic by incentivizing public transports and, therefore, reduce pollution.

Lakesight Technologies is a buy-and-build platform in the machine vision sector. Machine vision systems are devices for optical sensing that are able to automatically receive and interpret images to control machines or processes in real time. The main application of machine vision is in industrial automation, for process and quality control, representing the key enabling technology for industry 4.0. Another important application is automatic number plate recognition, the enabling technology for intelligent traffic system applications such as enforcement, tolling, vehicle tracking and congestion charge areas. Machine vision is a growing market characterized by extreme fragmentation of suppliers. The platform aims at consolidating into a European platform smaller synergic players that can share sales channels, management resources and growth strategies. Currently the project encompasses three companies: Tattile (acquired in 2012), Mikrotron (2015) and Chromasens (2017).
Tattile, based in Mairano (Italy), produces and sells machine vision systems for industrial automation, intelligent traffic systems and public transportation sectors.
Mikrotron, based in Eching (Germany), is a leading manufacturer of vision solutions, with a focus on and a leadership position in high-speed cameras.
Chromasens, based in Konstanz (Germany), is a worldwide leader in line scan technology, providing customized systems for high-quality image capturing in 2D and 3D, line scan cameras, 3D- and multispectral cameras and high-intensity lights.