Aluminum extrusion dies





Environmental thesis
Aluminum is the fastest growing base metal and is key in the transition towards sustainable materials: its high recyclability, lightweight properties and durability make it a long-term sustainable material. In particular, aluminum is the preferred choice for reducing weight in the transportation industry (automotive, railway, aerospace): in the automotive sector, for example, 1kg of aluminum can substitute up to 1.8-2.0kg of steel, driving strong energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction. Aluminum adoption is growing also in the construction and general industrial sectors thanks to very high strength-to-weight ratio. Thanks to its critical role in the aluminum extrusion industry, Phoenix International is proactively supporting the shift towards sustainable materials across sectors. In the coming years, Phoenix International is committed to further develop its offering in order to address the increasing demand for extruded aluminum across industries and applications.

Phoenix International, headquartered in Verdello (Italy), is the European leader manufacturer of aluminum extrusion dies, with focus on complex and technologically advanced dies. Extrusion dies are a mission-critical component in the aluminum extrusion process given their key role in final shape and performance of the extruded aluminum profile. Phoenix’s dies are used in a variety of applications across the transportation (highway, off-highway, railway, aeroplanes), construction (window frames, building facades, curtain walls) and general industrial sectors. Phoenix International was founded in 1972 and in 2018 operated out of 8 production plants, of which 5 outside Italy, served more than 250 customers including all the leading aluminum extruders worldwide.
Ambienta invested in Phoenix International in May 2019.