Cosmetics packaging





Environmental thesis
While environmentally friendly and natural and organic products are emerging in response to consumer demand, the cosmetics industry has been a late adopter of eco-friendly solutions in terms of packaging. Pibiplast was a pioneer during the first wave of companies transitioning away from highly polluting materials in the 1990s, substituting non-recyclable plastics with recyclable plastics with a better environmental footprint. The Company also took steps to adopt more sustainable materials such as bioplastics and recycled plastics. As a result of its leadership position, Pibiplast has a strong edge compared to the market norm in terms of adoption of highly recyclable products (63% by Pibiplast vs. 28% by the market). In the coming years, Pibiplast aims to accelerate its sustainability roadmap through the development and promotion of innovative packaging solutions based on eco-friendly materials, addressing the increasing demand from customers to reduce their environmental impact.


Pibiplast, with headquarters in Correggio (Italy), is a leading player in the design and manufacturing of beauty and personal care plastic packaging solutions. Founded in 1954, Pibiplast was a first-mover in adopting environmentally friendly packaging solutions. The Company has continued its specialization in the skincare and makeup sectors through strategic acquisitions and investments in state of the art technologies. Today, it operates four plants based in Northern Italy, serving more than 500 customers across 35 countries. It offers a wide range of products and customized solutions to the cosmetics industry, from the most recognized global brands to emerging independent brands. The business is well-positioned to continue its attractive historical growth having reached over €60 million of revenues in the past year. Ambienta invested in Pibilast alongside L Catterton, the largest and most global consumer-focused private equity firm in the world, and the founding family in September 2018.