Ravelli Group


Residential heating




2010 (divested in 2018)

Environmental thesis
Wood pellets are a recycled, renewable resource that does not contribute to increasing CO2 in the atmosphere, making them an environmentally friendly fuel source. Moreover, due to the unique composition of wood pellets, they produce a far greater heat output and far lower particulate emission than regular wood The low moisture content in wood pellets helps keep the efficiency of the stove very high (above 80% on average).

Ravelli Group is an Italian pellet stove specialist with a comprehensive product portfolio synonymous for innovation and design.
The company boasts strong brand awareness in Italy and Europe, where it sells its products via an extensive network of agents and distributors.
Centralized in‐house manufacturing in Italy enables Ravelli to ensure premium quality and an efficient cost base, covering all value adding processes.
Ambienta purchased 60% of the company in May 2010 and increased its stake up to 100% in May 2016.