Residential energy services





Environmental thesis
Restiani is an Energy Service Company (ESCo) focused on delivering energy efficient heating solutions to private customers in the residential market in North West Italy. Services include energy audits, engineering and installation of heating systems, installation of smart meters and maintenance to convey significant energy savings to final users. Restiani finances, out of its own balance sheet, the investment in higher efficiency heating systems and meters by newly acquired customers in exchange of a long term contract. The typical activity of Restiani drives the customer to replace old oil-fueled or gas-fueled boilers with new condensing boilers which bring significant energy saving. Each contract and project drives specific energy saving results, delivering aggregate reduction of c. 1,000 toe of energy consumption and c. 2,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Restiani is a heating management services and energy products provider with headquarters in Alessandria (Italy) and subsidiaries across North West Italy. The company is among the largest in its space with a consolidated and growing portfolio of private clients providing recurrent and resilient revenue streams. Its client base includes c. 1,800 buildings and more than 30,000 apartments, which are directly assisted and served through a proprietary network of technicians providing around the clock availability. Ambienta partnered with the Restiani Family, the original founders, to acquire Restiani as a primary buyout of a non-core asset of TotalErg. Ambienta completed the investment in Restiani in August 2017.