Environmental thesis
Modern filtration technology contributes substantially to a cleaner environment by reducing the emission of pollutants, especially in the area of air and water filtration. Examples include the de-dusting of air in industrial buildings or the purification of water before releasing it to the environment. Moreover, filtration technology also ensures a more efficient use of resources. The most suitable filtration products for a given applications reduce energy consumption, especially in the field of heating, ventilating and air conditioning or in hydraulic systems. Additionally, advanced filter systems help to prolong service intervals and equipment life-cycles, consequently allowing for a reduction in the usage of environmentally harmful substances, such as lubricants or cooling agents. SF-Filter’s technical advice and service is therefore an important contributor to a sustainable use of resources and a healthier environment.

SF-Filter is the leading partner for the distribution of mobile and industrial filters for a variety of applications for example oil, air, fuel, hydraulic, gas, pneumatic, liquid, and HVAC-related applications. With more than 30,000 European customers ranging from original equipment manufacturers to resellers as well as end-customers, the SF-Filter brand has been unanimously recognized as the leader in its field due to its broad filter assortment, competent technical and independent advice as well as 24h delivery times. SF-Filter operates throughout Europe with filter warehouses in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Poland. Ambienta joined SF-Filter as majority shareholder in January 2016.