Tower Light


Lighting towers




2012 (divested in 2013)

Environmental thesis
Lighting towers allow for optimal lighting at minimal energy consumption, through a highly effective and focused illumination. Moreover, through its deep understanding of customers’ needs and market dynamics Tower Light has been able to capitalise on the growing demand for energy efficient lighting solutions, and has progressively qualified as the pre-eminent manufacturer of efficient lighting towers globally. The product range include towers offering >70% reduction of fuel costs vs. peer products at the same lighting performance, LED based- towers, and a parallel product line of nebulised-water cannons able to abate dust during demolition works, saving up to 90% of the water required compared to traditional watering techniques.

Tower Light manufactures the largest range of lighting towers globally. Lighting towers are an independent, easy-to-move piece of equipment able to supply high-quality lighting to any location.
Lighting towers are an outstanding solution in terms of energy efficiency, illumination and safety in situations where an effective, temporary lighting is required, such as in the construction or maintenance of infrastructure, and also in airports, docks, mines and events. Tower Light is positioned in the market as a technology leader, with energy efficiency as the hallmark of its production. Tower Light is based in Italy but generates >80% of its revenues in 50 different countries, with leading market shares in Europe and a strong presence in several non-European markets.
Ambienta acquired a majority stake in Tower Light in February 2012. Having supported the company in its further internationalisation and professionalization, and on the back of continuous growth, Ambienta sold its stake in Tower Light to US company Generac in July 2013.