IP Cleaning

Environmental thesis

Professional cleaning is an industry which revolves around and competes in force of efficiency on resources – water, energy and detergents – as a means to develop increasingly cost-advantageous cleaning solutions.
IPC is at the forefront of such trend, having developed a number of innovative solutions across its product portfolio that in 2016 enabled energy saved of 19,000 Toe, equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 360k refrigerators, water saved of 74,000 cubic meters, equivalent to the annual consumption of c.2k cattle, and pollutants avoided for 2,200 tons of emissions from polluting detergents.


IPC is a leading manufacturer of machines and equipment for the professional cleaning industry, ranked as #3 player in the European market and as #1 player by profitability. The company has a full product offering and a resilient business model, operating in a €5bn market with a long-term growth trend. IPC has a strong international footprint with 90% of sales generated outside of Italy, of which a significant portion are outside of Europe. The company manufactures its products in five plants located in the North of Italy and employs over 1,000 people.
Ambienta purchased 100% of the company in July 2014 and completed a strategic add-on acquisition in the UK in July 2016. In April 2017 Ambienta divested its participation through a trade sale to the US listed company Tennant Company.

Environmental impact and sustainable development goals

Ambienta only invests in businesses which have a positive impact on the environment through either, or both, a Resource Efficiency or Pollution Control contribution. Our proprietary methodology, the Environmental Impact Analysis, allow us to measure the contribution of different businesses to sustainability in terms of Resource Efficiency and Pollution Control which we capture through 11 Environmental Metrics.

Our Methodology and Metrics are fully aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015. Through our investment scope definition that focuses on products and services that improve Resource Efficiency and Pollution Control we fully capture 10 of the 17 Goals and their respective sub-goals.

For each portfolio company we report then its impact both in terms of our metrics and SDGs.

Resource efficiency

IP Cleaning’s contribution to Resource Efficiency is summarized by the following Environmental Metrics and SDGs:

Energy Saved

Water Saved

Pollution control

IP Cleaning’s contribution to Pollution Control is summarized by the following Environmental Metrics and SDGs:

Pollutants Avoided